How Does Business Insurance Work? – Round Rock TX

Good afternoon. This is Felix at your Chavez Insurance Group. Today with us, we have Maria Solis. She’s our customer support representative. Maria does all the certificates of insurance. She does all the renewals. She finds people better pricing. And she does all the customer service work.

So Maria, tell us a little bit about what you see in commercial business insurance policies that come to us, that are being shopped from other companies that we’re trying to take. What’s the biggest opportunity you see?

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Are Homeowners Insurance And Hazard Insurance The Same? – Round Rock TX

Hey, good afternoon. Today, I have with me Samira Saldivar with the Chavez Insurance Group, and she’s been with us for 17 years. She knows all about auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and umbrella insurance. Of course, all the toy insurance. Samira, what is the biggest thing that you see, the biggest issue that you see when people talk to you about their auto insurance?

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Chavez Insurance Group Concierge Program – Round Rock TX

Finding the best service providers in town can be frustrating. That no longer needs to be the case, because Chavez Insurance Group has a listing of other local businesses that have been highly recommended by our valued customers!

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An Intro To Chavez Insurance Group – Round Rock TX

At Chavez Insurance Group, we believe you deserve top quality service… Period. That’s why we’re committed to giving you the best of us. We’ll always make sure you have the right coverage, the right discounts, and can take comfort in knowing the things that matter most to you are protected. We also believe in giving back! As Agents of Change in our community, we’re dedicated to helping others live well and thrive!

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